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Is it possible to milk mice?

Is it possible to milk mice?

Hi my friends, I recently found out an interesting fact.

What animal do you think gives the most expensive milk?

At first I myself did not believe when I found out, the mouse turned out to be this animal, And yes its milk turned out to be incredibly different.

Metro rich people give almost $ 22,000 per liter of milk; it turns out that mouse milk is a miraculous remedy from which medicines are made.

Honestly, I myself was shocked by this news, I decided to check, because at first I did not believe it, but it turned out to be true.

At the same time, scientists learned to make baby food from mouse milk. It’s not very easy to milk a mouse, so you need 4,000 mice to get a liter of milk.

So these cute creatures turned out to be not only pests, but also saviors.

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