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How to drink coffee on the couch without spilling

How to drink coffee on the couch without spilling

Hi, how are you? I wanted to tell an interesting story.

How to drink coffee on the couch without spilling?

This question torments many people.

Some found a way out of the situation and stopped spilling coffee on the sofa, but many are still looking for an answer to this question.
Once I sat down on a sofa and took freshly brewed coffee with me when the coffee opened, its aroma irresistibly penetrated my nostrils of my nose.

My movements were shackled and I relaxed a little, I wanted to turn on the TV, watch a new talk show.

The most crucial moment, I completely forgot about the glass In which there was coffee, for a moment letting this out of sight my glass flew from the sofa down to the carpet, I am very upset. Thank God the carpet was washed.

Since then I have not stopped drinking coffee on the couch, but I made it a rule to drink it before starting any new business.

So I understood the main secret, how not to spill coffee on the sofa.

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