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How to stop scratching your nose with a lip?

How to stop scratching your nose with a lip?

Good evening, my dears, how to stop scratching your nose with your lip, have you ever asked such a question?

Sometimes, while watching TV shows, time flies by unnoticed, you get drawn into the plot, interesting things happen on the screen And I don’t notice how my lip is scratched.

This bad habit has stuck to me since childhood, when it seemed funny and enjoyable.

But it’s obvious that this is not as harmful as smoking or alcoholism, for example, so I didn’t see anything wrong with that, it seemed to me even a little funny.

Over time, scratching my nose with my lip got up to strain me a bit, then it turned into irritability, but I could not help myself.

Therefore, every time I wanted to scratch my nose with my lip, I began to bite her, as long as this habit did not stop.

So I stopped amusing myself with my nose out of a smile I remember those times when I could not control my desires.

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